Bombers take to the sand

The Bombers first run of the year will be this Sunday at 9 am at Mogareeka. The run will be followed by a bacon and egg breakfast at 10am. There after training will be at the Valley Field each Wednesday at 5.30 and at Mogareeka on Sunday morning.

Coach John Jessop’s mother is very ill in Melbourne and he won’t be able to take this Sunday morning’s run and Scott will be in charge. John expects to be back for the following Wednesday.

He’s made it very clear that Bombers will be expected to train hard and that means a lot of running in this early part of the season and that only players who train regularly will be considered for selection. He wants a winning side and has plans to put the wins on the board. This is you chance to support him and your club.

Last season’s under 16 group is invited to train with the senior group during the pre-season. We have written to SCAFL asking to be considered as a developing club with the right to play some over age players in our junior teams.

Be at Mogareeka on Sunday morning. If you need transport please ring Liver on 0488277892. Call him if you can’t make this Sunday’s run




The Bega Bombers are breaking with tradition and looking to appoint a non-playing senior coach in season 2016. Andrew Lemon who heads up the Bombers senior football department says the club first and foremost needs a teacher.


“We’re just three years old and yet we’ve twice produced the best rookie in the League and our players have always polled well in the best and fairest count. Our best players are the equal to any in the League what we need now is someone who will teach the game to our second tier players.”


Lemon says that the club is turning its attention to the ‘sea-changers’, retirees new to the district who are looking to become involved in their new community.


‘Spend ten minutes in any golf club in the district and you’ll bump into someone who has coached at a high level in a Victorian league we want to tap into that experience


It’s been traditional in this area to have a playing coach but we think that the Bombers need a different fit. Chris Dwyer, who coached the team this year led with tremendous courage on the field and he was backed up by players of real quality like Scott Hay, Kel Evans and Dale Leahy but it’s expecting too much of young players to carry the burden of playing and coaching. We need a wise head on the side lines to direct the traffic.’


The Bombers are already processing applications from would be coaches for their junior sides and  will confidently field  three junior teams in competition  in season 2016 as well as continuing to grow the AusKick side of the club. Lemon says that it will be perhaps another two seasons before numbers of the club’s junior players graduate to senior football. ‘We’d like to see a sound structure in place by then with a senior side that has been well schooled in the game.’


The Bombers will involve senior players in the selection process and already have a number of people who have expressed tentative interest. The club is promising plenty of support for a successful applicant and those interested are invited to contact Andrew Lemon on 0488277892.


The Bega Bombers has become the first club in the Sapphire Coast AFL to install a portable defribrillator at its home ground.


A defibrillator is a device designed to deliver a therapeutic doses of electrical energy to the heart. The aim is to re-establish the body’s natural pace maker after sudden cardiac arrest.


The Bombers joined forces with the Bega Showground Trust to apply for a Southern Phones Grant to purchase the machine which will now be accessible to all groups using the showground.


Club president, Alex Nicol says that it’s a common misconception that heart attacks only occur in older, less fit individuals. “There are numerous instances of young sports people collapsing and dying during a sporting event,’ he says, “and evidence proves that the availability of a portable defibrillator can save lives.”


The Bega Showground defibrillator has been purchased through Defib Your Club for Life, an initiative of St John’s Ambulance which will maintain the machine, provide training in its use and link its location into a growing net- work of these life-saving machines.


It’s estimated that one in every thousand people have an undiagnosed heart condition and cardiac arrest can occur without any warning in apparently healthy people. “I can attest to that myself,” says Nicol. “I consider myself reasonably fit for my age and suffered a cardiac arrest while exercising. Critically I didn’t even know what was happening to me but I now understand just how important it is in such a situation to get help as quickly as possible.”


Experience shows that the most successful outcomes are seen when defibrillation occurs within five minutes of the patient having a cardiac arrest. For every minute that passes there is a 10% drop in the chance of survival.

At the MCG, where first aid teams are equipped with automatic defibrillators, survival rate of people experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest is 85% compared to an estimated 7 to 10 percent elsewhere when these machines are not available.


‘St John’s Ambulance has undertaken to provide a training session in the use of the defibrillator,” says Nicol, ‘But significantly the machine is designed so that anyone is able to use it in the case of an emergency. The Bombers and the Showground Trust are grateful to Southern Phone for making  this initiative possible and are proud of the fact that the Bega Showground is now equipped with this modern life saving device.

Targets set for 2015

A new and strong management committee has set its targets for season 2015. Yes we want to win a flag , and of course we will, but  in the club’s third season  the aim is consolidation and building.

After finishing fifth last season the seniors have been told they must go  at least one better and if early season keenness is anything to go by they’re on track. Fifteen weeks to  the first bounce but who’s counting?

We had a great year last year with the babies but rather than enter in the new under 11 competition the Bombers will concentrate of getting  some skills into the youngsters. Travis Broughton is heading up a team of parents who’ll be working with them once a week and they’ve already ticked off one of  our targets. The plan was to take an AusKick team to an AFL match and round two  Melbourne  versus The Giants at Canberra will see a Bomber division take the field at half time. One  goal kicked.


Money in the bank is the club’s third big  goal for 2015 and already there are a couple of irons in the fire that could see the Bombers earning income right through the year and not just  during the season.

The Bombers are a family friendly club. New players of all skill levels are very welcome. Come  and have a kick with the red and black.


The Bombers have their first trophy in the cabinet. No grand final glory as yet but in the club’s second season its efforts to acknowledge  the contribution made by its indigenous players has been honoured by the AFL.


The Bombers celebrations surrounding  the indigenous round in season 2014 were judged the best in the state and rewarded with a Swans Indigenous Round jumper signed by Adam Goodes, ‘Buddy” Franklin  and Lewis Jetta.

There’s much debate as to what should happen to the jumper with one suggestion that it, along with the special jumper  the Bombers wore for the Indigenous Round should be framed side, by side and displayed for posterity.

Bombers AGM


The Bega Bombers Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 3 November at 7.30 at the Showground.


This is a vital meeting for the club and gives you the chance to be part of the Bomber’s growth in season 2015. It’s particularly important that we have a good representation of parents of junior players.


Our secretary, Tobie Wright, has put together a design for the club’s management which will give everyone the best chance to use their individual talents to help the Bombers grow. Please have a look at it and see where you will make your contribution.


Critically we need to fill the roles of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Vice-president, Junior Vice-president and Volunteers Coordinator.


The Senior Vice –president would be responsible for recruiting the people needed to run senior football, everyone from the coaches to the game day officials. The Junior Vice-president would have the same responsibility for junior football. Once these people are in place they can develop their own sub-committees.


The Volunteers Coordinator will have the very important role of developing a sub-committee that would take charge of social events, canteen management etc.


You can nominate for any of these positions by emailing Tobie at and we will accept nominations from the floor at the meeting.


The success of the Bombers in 2015 hangs on this meeting. Make a point of being there and having your say.


Refreshments will be available after the meeting

Dale Breaks Ground For Bombers

Dale Leahy became the first Bomber to win a League award when he took home Rookie of the Year trophy from  Wednesday night’s presentations. Still a youngster with a big future ahead of him Dale has had a stand out season in senior football winning admiration from his team mates for his courage and hardness at the ball. He earns the congratulations from all  his team mates and club members.

Senior Coach, Matt Fleet was also among the awards takingf home the trophy as the outstanding volunteer in the SCAFL.

In a year where all of our teams have made the finals, under thirteen player  Lawrence Davis and  under 16’s captain Nick Forester  featured among the umpire’s favourites. Lawrence finished a creditable third in the  best and fairest count with Nick finishing in fourth place. In the senior vote count absence from a couple of key games cost Chris Dwyer dearly seeing him  finish third in the senior best and fairest awards count.

A big round of applause for former Bomber and now rookie umpire of the year Brad ‘Nugget” Ingwersen. Nugget started the year as a goal umpire and quickly graduate to the centre where he’s won high praise from all clubs for  his performance with the whistle.


The Bomber’s Prostate Cancer Awareness held at the Commercial Hotel of Friday 6 June raised $3600 for cancer research but more to the point senior Bombers led by example taking the first steps with a prostate examination.


More than 60 people crushed into the dining room at the Hotel to listen to urologist Dr Chi Can Huynh outline the prevalence of the disease and its treatments. He was supported by a number of prostate survivors who spoke frankly about their experiences and answered questions.


Given that more cases of prostate cancer than breast cancer are diagnosed each year the Bombers believed that it was time to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage men to take more responsibility for their health.


Dr Huynh recommended that every man over the age of 40 should have their prostate health checked and that once they reach 50 they should get annual tests. For his contribution to the campaign he agreed to test some of the senior Bomber members. Four undertook the examination prior to the information night and all were cleared of any problems.


The club auctioned sporting memorabilia donated by the licensee of the Commercial, Mitch Creary, along with goods donated by local business houses with the feature of the night being a handmade quilt donated by Tony and Barbara Austin which raised $300.

Bombers acknowledge their indigenous players

All the Bomber’s teams playing during the Indigenous round will be led onto the field by their indigenous players and the senior side will wearing specially designed jumpers to celebrate the contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have made to the game. Indigenous players make up perhaps a quarter of the Bomber’s playing list with a particularly strong representation in the junior ranks Special jumpers will only be part of the celebrations. Local Elder, Mrs Faith Aldridge will perform a welcome to country ceremony before the first bounce and there will be entertainment designed to reflect the importance the Bombers attach to their indigenous players. Pastor Aussie Cruz of Eden will provide some of the music at the games. He’s a renowned gum leaf player; a representation of one of the oldest forms of music, while at the other end of the scale patrons will hear a recording of Dave Arden’s ‘Spirit’. Specially written for a live performance at the Dream Time match at the MCG. The Bomber’s property manager, John Café, is a great friend of some of the musicians who provided the backing for this song and they’ve passed a copy on to him to use in the celebrations. The MCG is the only other place in Australia the song will play during the indigenous round.